What the What?

So why start a blog that no one is going to read? Maybe someone will read it. Maybe others will bookmark it to their favorites and only check it when they are sitting on the toilet (#lifegoals). Maybe someone will find one little snippet of truth that connects with them so profoundly that they will feel better about their life for just an instant.

I know I want to write. I feel the urge all the time and reminisce about the days that I would blog in character for LegendMUD. I have a handful of adolescent-looking journals buried deep in boxes that no one can get to, for fear of my awful, angsty, two-faced entries seeing the light of day, or even worse… someone’s eyeballs. But I’m a better writer now. I know that because I read a shitload of books, and some of that has to have rubbed off on me, right? I mean, I know what a good sentence is. I sometimes try to write in a formal, literary fashion, and sure it comes out okay, but for this setting, I’m going to write as I feel and as I talk. It’s more natural that way.

So what are my plans for this digital space?

  • It’s for me.
  • Anyone else reading this is just bonus points.
  • Articles on my life, my bullshit, other people’s bullshit, influences, etc.
  • Memes

The End. -A

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